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Categories: Negation Concepts

Here is another worksheet addressing the language concept of "not."  This is a difficult concept to target, which is why I have made so many materials to work on it!  Lots of repetitive practice is needed.

You could also work on this using a set of real life objects (e.g., "Give me everything that is NOT blue.  Give me all of the dolls that are NOT boys").

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  1. thank you! Great graphics and a nice additional way to work on categories!

    1. You're welcome! has some GREAT graphics that are free with no restrictions!

  2. Love this--found I always needed to add this to language skills as inclusion and exclusion did not develop naturally along with categories, function and description.

  3. This is great! I love finding new things to work on negation. I feel like that kid on that AT&T commercial, "We want more, more..." lol.

  4. These are great!! Thanks so much.


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